Daniel Cox picked up his first pair of drum sticks at the age of 11 and began a lifelong, passionate affair with music. His skill and versatility as a master percussionist mark him as a leading performer in a variety of genres, and styles – Blues shuffles, the meat and potatoes of Classic Rock, Americana and Country back beats, Latin rhythms, Jazz grooves and even orchestral settings.

Daniel’s dedication to excellence across a broad range of musical genres has placed him on the stage with Classic Rock icon Peter Rivera, River Dance's Michael Londra, Latin-Jazz trumpeter Arturo Sandoval, Billy Jam recording artists Steel Blossoms, Red 13 recording artist Jenny Teator, Green Hills Pub. artist Emily Minor, Northwest Blues-Rock great Tim “Too Slim” Langford, Nashville’s Antsy McClain and the Trailer Park Troubadours, Western Swing Siren Cheryl Deseree', Americana-Country singer Nicole Lewis, and the Spokane Symphony.

A sought-after live and studio drummer, Daniel’s commercial work for television and radio includes recording in nationally acclaimed studios such as Cider MountainBing Bang BoomCue 11, Amplified Wax and Nashville’s Dark Horse, Yackland, and Coop DeVille studios. His work can be heard on national advertising campaigns for NBC’s Third Rock from the Sun and Saturday Night Live, to ABC’s TGIF Fridays, as well as needle drops for Disney’s The Game Plan, Promos for Buena Vista Television, G4's X-Play, and many more.

Before moving to Nashville, TN, Daniel split his time offstage between Gonzaga University and North Idaho College, where he taught and inspired emerging drummers in all percussion-related classes, Jazz combos, Survey of Music, and Jazz History. He still offers private instruction in drums/ percussion at Nelson Drum Shop and via Skype, to a limited number of students in the Metro-Nashville area.

After studying music at Eastern Washington University with Martin Zyskowski, former Stan Kenton Orchestra drummer Gary Hobbs, conductor/composer Gunther Schuller, Wynton Marsalis, and Jazz drummer Victor Lewis, Daniel earned a master’s degree in percussion performance from the University of Miami. His talent, dedication, and professional expertise are constantly on display – either on stage, in a studio or working on his own music at his Nashville, Tennessee, home studio.